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Qualified Remodeler

Designer’s Notebook: Timeless Teak

"This client came across our company ONE eleven ltd. while sifting through the internet for design-build general contractors in the Las Vegas Valley. They reached out via phone and voila—our relationship was born.

During the initial conversation, we had an instant connection. We rely heavily on gut instinct to guide us when it comes to deciding if we “click” with clients. We’re not exactly sure how the conversation organically turned to food and then to spirits, which in turn sparked the idea for a unique approach to this in-home design presentation."

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Kitchen & Bath Design News

October 2022 Cover Story: KBDN's Top Innovators

Empathy drives designer’s focus on Universal Design

"Julie and Eddie Leverett, Jr., co-founders and partners of ONE eleven ltd. in Las Vegas, NV, are in a unique position to empathize with the clients of their consulting, design/build and remodeling company, which specializes in Universal Design concepts.

Julie Leverett spent years in the hospitality industry, including working at Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas with a renowned chef who was a boss, mentor and friend. She found herself called upon by the chef when a medical condition advanced to the point of requiring extra assistance. In 2005 Eddie Leverett, Jr. shattered both of his legs from the knees down in a motocross accident. Being a design-build contractor for 10-plus years at the time, he was determined to reconstruct his non-universal living space into a serene home environment, adding functionality and hope.

Thus, ONE eleven ltd. is particularly suited to provide full-home residential and small commercial renovations accommodating the needs of all individuals by constructing aesthetically pleasing, accessible spaces. The firm will create an overall renovation plan, encompassing all aspects of mobile accessibility within the existing walls and exterior grounds.

Bringing independence and safety to the lives of individuals who find themselves in circumstances of challenged mobility is the passion of both Julie and Eddie and the culture of ONE eleven ltd."

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2022 Kitchen Multi-Award Winner 🏆

1. Kitchen & Bath Design News: SILVER Award

2. Qualified Remodeler: BRONZE Award

This remodel delivered a classic, clean Kitchen utilizing organic, natural materials. The focal point that gives this kitchen its "WOW" factor is the stunning bar-top fabricated out of water-reclaimed Zebra Wood and showcases a beautifully symmetrical, book-matched waterfall end. The stark white cabinetry highlights a custom range-hood surround made of Black Thermory Ignite and the mix of polished and matte black chevron tile adds backsplash texture. The subtle finishes of brushed gold that adorn the faucet, drawer hardware and lighting fixtures create an aesthetic reminiscent of precious metal and envelop a timeless design.

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2022 Bathroom Multi-Award Winner 🏆

1. Qualified Remodeler: GOLD Award Winner

2. Chrysalis Award: Regional Winner

We developed a design utilizing organic materials to deliver a Master Bathroom that fulfilled the homeowners wishes of capturing the essence of a memorable vacation retreat. The subtle shine of the polished tile contrasts beautifully with the rich color of the Cherrywood cabinets and the salvaged Teak* wood slats; these elements when intermingled with the bold matte black finishes bring about the perfect balance, creating an inviting retreat after a long day.

*Teak slats: sourced from vintage buildings in Southeast Asia

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Chrysalis Award
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Showcase Cabinetry Award Winner 🏆

Entry: "Novara Dream Kitchen"

"Dating back to 1990, the era of soffits and segregated rooms, this space was worthy of a complete transformation. With an open concept and entertaining at the forefront of our clients wish list it was clear that this kitchen would need to expand as far as possible within the existing footprint and that meant taking down all intruding, non-load bearing walls and re-route plumbing and electrical to accommodate the new design.

The scope of the project was to remove all non-load bearing walls so we could modernize the kitchen with an open floor plan, uninterrupted expansive Island, and intentional flow which elicits entertaining yet provides opportune family function."

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Top 16 Remodelers in Las Vegas 2021

" finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. Each month, we research more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs. Our research process is always evolving to keep up with industry changes, so we're confident that when we say a provider is one of the best, it is.

We scored 873 Remodeling Contractors in Las Vegas, NV and Picked the Top 16"

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Qualified Home Remodeler Las Vegas, NV

Designer’s Notebook: Functional Focus

ONE eleven ltd. redesigns an outmoded home to enable everybody freedom of movement with full accessibility

"The homeowners lived in California in an older, outdated house that conflicted with their physical abilities. Each of them has unique daily living limitations; one is actively wheelchair bound, and the other has challenges reaching overhead.

Wanting to relocate and retire in the Sun City Summerlin area in the western foothills of the Las Vegas Valley, they set off researching general contractors who specialize in full-home remodels that incorporate universal design concepts. In other words, they needed to create a home that can be used be anybody and everybody, no matter the ability. Through their research they came across our company, ONE eleven ltd.

Looking for a home that would increase their quality of life, the couple sought to redirect the focus from their physical limitations and concentrate on living full lives within their abilities. They wanted an open concept that could provide a light, airy, spacious feel and grant them the freedom of movement with full accessibility for themselves, as well as guests.

From the earliest design phase, we took accessibility into account, and our design sensibility dovetailed perfectly with our clients’ vision. When accessibility is an inherent part of the design—as opposed to an afterthought—the universal design features can blend seamlessly. They add to the beauty of the home, rather than detracting from it.

ONE eleven ltd. succeeded in developing a design that fully met the clients’ desires for a spacious, light-filled home providing them with safety, comfort and style. We were able to cater to each individual’s limitations by creating accessible accommodations within the home and working to incorporate a multitude of accessibility features that were not only functional but, just as important, aesthetically pleasing."

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Kitchen & Bath Design News

2020 Best Powder Rooms: Silver Award

"The owners of this powder room were displeased with the “toilet-focused” original design, which provided little privacy and was aesthetically dated. Designer Eddie Leverett Jr. stripped the space almost completely in order to leave a clean slate to create a stunning spa-like design.

The plumbing was shifted to the west wall in order to take the focus from the toilet and create a new vanity feature wall designed to catch the eye immediately upon entry. The feature wall includes a Schenk Mesa Select Tobacco Halifax Oak floating vanity topped with Arizona Tile’s Opal White, along with a Whitehaus Isabella Plus vitreous china vessel sink and matte black Zura faucet from Delta Faucet Co. The feature wall boasts a chevron patterned marble backsplash above the sink, while the floor showcases an ornate marble-and-wood patterned porcelain tile."

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Showplace Cabinetry’s First National Design Contest Winner

Judges’ Choice – Outstanding Overall Design

"While everyone wants a gorgeous and functional kitchen, in this project, designer Julie Leverett needed to reconfigure the kitchen/living space to enhance the quality of life for a couple with limited mobility. One of the clients uses a wheelchair, while the other has challenges reaching overhead.

But while accessibility was a key consideration, the clients also wanted a space that would direct the focus away from their physical limitations, offering a light, airy and spacious feel that would allow for greater freedom of movement.

Leverett and her design team began by replacing the secondary sink with an accessible sink/food prep station. Cabinetry was then designed with all lower drawer boxes and a full-height roll-out pantry for easy access.

The island was designed with 42″ clearances to make navigating the space by wheelchair easier, while the microwave was placed at counter level to allow for easy access.

One challenging aspect of the project involved relocating the sink and appliances to the opposite side of the room, which lacked plumbing, gas and the proper electrical requirements. Leverett addressed this by cutting and removing the concrete, eliminating the existing downdraft cooktop vent and relocating the underground plumbing and gas, adding sufficient electrical, including USB port outlets for convenience.

While the design addressed the clients’ functional needs, the judges also were impressed by the minimalist design, which they said managed to be 'light and airy without being cold,' as well as the elegant use of materials, unexpected cabinet color, clever corner shelf and convenient work flow.

As one judge concluded, 'The materials are a perfect blend of warm, sleek and natural. I really like the natural cabinets, the extensive use of the Carrara marble, the blend of seating, open shelving and the lighter wood-look floor.' "

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Winners Announced in Showplace National Design Contest

Judges’ Choice and Contemporary Kitchen Design winner – Julie Leverett with ONE eleven

"More than 110 kitchen and bath design projects from across North America were submitted in nine categories for the first national Showplace Cabinetry Design Contest. The designers were asked to submit a variety of materials for judging, including professional imagery. The panel of peer-group design professionals judged each entry on visual appeal, creativity, workflow and design elements.

Categories for the projects entered in the Showplace Cabinetry Design Contest were chosen to represent designs for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in traditional, contemporary and transitional styles, along with best small kitchen."

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Kitchen & Bath Design News

Design Awards 2019

"Functional Beauty" - Gold Place Winner

Universal Design, by definition, is the design and composition of a space so that it can be accessed and used by all people, regardless of age, size, ability or disability. When done well, Universal Design blends seamlessly into a space, adding beauty to the design rather than detracting from it.

From the early design phases of this kitchen project, designers Eddie and Julie Leverett of ONE eleven ltd. took accessibility into account, making it an inherent part of the design, as each of the homeowners presented daily living challenges: one uses a wheelchair while the other has limitations reaching overhead.

The kitchen floorplan in this older, outdated home needed to be reconfigured and updated within the footprint of the existing home. The plan was to remove all physical barriers to create an open concept space that provided a light, airy and spacious feel.

Narrow doorways were widened to 36", allowing for ease of movement in and out of the space. The clearances around the kitchen island were strategically designed at a spacious 42" wide, allowing a wheelchair enough room to easily turn 360 degrees. Large-format Aequa-Series NIX ceramic floor tile from Arizona Tile is used throughout the home for effortless maneuvering with a wheelchair.

A secondary sink was replaced with an accessible sink/food prep station, meaning the kitchen now has two sink work stations - one for someone who prefers to stand while working and one that can be used from a seated position.

Two neutral cabinet tones are featured on the natural maple EVO framless cabinets from Showplace Cabinetry, which were designed with all lower drawer boxes and a full-height roll-out pantry for easy-reach access and to keep items organized. Open shelving in the island as well as maple butcher block floating shelves along the wall keep everyday items accessible. Along the perimeter walls, 3"x6" Carrera Marble tiles lend a classic touch to the space, while Silverstone by Cosentino quartz countertops in White Zeus add brightness.

Within the island, a microwave is placed strategically at counter level. The range sits next to it, delivering a central cooking area.

Kitchen & Bath Design Awards, August 2019: Digital Flip Book
las vegas bathroom design award

"Accessible Style” - Silver Place Winner

The owners of this master bath each experience unique mobility challenges, with one of the homeowners using a wheelchair at all times. The goal for designer Julie Leverett of ONE eleven ltd. was to create a space that would make accessibility "an inherent part of the design rather than an afterthought" achieving a seamless blend of Universal Design elements with aesthetic appeal.

In order to facilitate effortless morning and evening routines, the designer added a dual floating vanity that would accommodate both standing and seated positions, as well a a zero-edge enclosed bath/shower space. The bath was reoriented and recessed into the floor in order to accommodate the user as well as a caregiver, and the commode room was placed behind a barn door for ease of entry. The tub itself is a 60" drop-in version with additional insulation for extended warmth.

Sleek and stylish tile surfaces feature Arizona Tile's Reside Beige 12"x24" field tile with 12"x24" Reside Ash in the wall-to-wall niche. Moen fittings are featured throughout, providing ease of use

Kitchen & Bath Design Awards, August 2019: Digital Flip Book
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Keep Craft Alive

Las Vegas, NV | In late July, building professionals from across the Las Vegas region gathered together to spearhead an effort to help raise the quality of construction in the area and to ignite a passion for the trades in their community.

The meetup was hosted by Eddie and Julie Leverett of the design-build firm One Eleven ltd. in partnership with Fine Homebuilding. KeepCraftAlive, which is built on the premise of understanding the skills gap and its impact on home building and local economies, has its foundation deep in the spirit of craftsmanship, and is supporting community events like this one across North America to celebrate the value true craft brings to those who follow their passions into the trades.

interior architectural photographer credit chris wessling

2019 Chrysalis Award Winner

The Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence began in 1993. The awards cover 28 categories of residential and commercial remodeling, and winners are selected for each of four geographical regions of the country. The regional winners are then judged to select a national winner for each category.

Kitchen Remodel 75K - 150K: National Award - ONE eleven ltd., Las Vegas

Bath Remodel Under 50K: National Award - ONE eleven ltd., Las Vegas

Residential Universal Design: ONE eleven ltd., Las Vegas

For a full list of the 2019 winners, please visit the Chrysalis Awards
architectural photography las vegas credit chris wessling
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Wonderful Bathroom Wet Rooms: Awesomely Accessible

by Mitchell Parker, Houzz Online

Designers: Eddie and Julie Leverett of ONE eleven ltd.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Homeowners’ Request:

A minimalist master bathroom that feels light and airy and provides comfortable wheelchair accessibility. “From the early design phases, we took accessibility into account,” says designer Julie Leverett. “And because this was an inherent part of the design, rather than an afterthought, the universal design features blend seamlessly, adding beauty to the master bath rather than detracting from it.”

Wet Room:

Frameless glass enclosure with curbless entry. Beige porcelain tile running floor to ceiling on three walls. Wall-to-wall niche. A 60-inch drop-in soaking tub with additional insulation for energy savings. “By reorienting the bathtub, we gained the necessary room to comfortably combine the bath and shower areas, capturing the wet room style perfectly,” she says. “The wall-to-wall niche not only adds functionality for both the shower and the bathtub essentials, it brings both areas together as one, which is an ideal representation of a wet room.”

Other Special Features:

Dual floating vanity that can accommodate seated and standing positions.

Designer tip. “Being a design-build contractor, we are able to change design midconstruction if we see an opportunity present itself,” Leverett says. “With this particular wet room, once the walls were exposed, the thought of a wall-to-wall niche came to fruition. Although subtle in itself, the niche transformed the bathroom into a minimalist Zen retreat.”

“Uh-oh” Moment:

“With this master bathroom, accessibility was a key component of the design,” she says. “A challenge that comes with that is creating a barrier-free entry. In order to overcome this hurdle, we cut, removed and planed existing concrete to provide the necessary slope of one-quarter-inch per foot, creating a barrier-free, zero-edge entry point. Knowing the end goal will be a wet room with ease of entry, and maneuverability in and out of the shower to accommodate an individual plus a caregiver, gives the drive to push forward without hesitation with design.”

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The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Nevada

by GC Magazine

"Successful kitchen remodeling projects demand the expertise of contractors proficient in performing kitchen upgrades and other related endeavors. As such, hiring the best kitchen remodeling contractors is essential.

Our team has selected and ranked the top-performing specialists and general contractors in Nevada. These 15 builders were ranked based on their years of experience, mastery of the trade, and industry accreditations and certifications. The strength of their portfolios and respective awards and press recognition were also taken into account in the evaluation.

This list features a variety of kitchen builders, including firms that solely offer kitchen remodeling solutions as well as those that incorporate accessibility modifications to contractors that have their own showrooms. Each of these firms is capable of performing structural and functional upgrades that effectively increase the value and performance of kitchens in Nevada"

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The Best General Contractors in Nevada

by GC Magazine

"No doubt when you think of Nevada, you think of Las Vegas: all of the glamour in the world available to you on one magnificent street at 3 am, then that warm, dry desert heat by the pool when you finally get out of bed at 3 pm. Oddly enough, the state actually takes its name from the Spanish for ‘snow clad,’ a reference to the high mountain scenery of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the western border of the state. It’s a reminder that – as glorious as Las Vegas may be – Nevada has much more to offer than glitz and glamour.

It’s a ruggedly beautiful state, framed by sublime mountain peaks, and floored with stark desert plains. With half the population of the state living in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, people forget how picturesque and rural much of the state is. The mountain cabin, the lakeside lodge, and the skiing retreat are as much a part of Nevada as the thrilling Vegas floor shows.

And all that space means that Nevada has room to grow, and growing it is: the population is on the rise, and there are plenty of contractors who will help you build a new dream home, or renovate your historic property. We’ve listed contractors with years of experience, as well as awards, media features, and most importantly of all: innovative and beautiful design."

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one eleven ltd kitchen remodel summerlin las vegas

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Las Vegas


Eddie Leverett settled into a construction career in Vegas in 2016 when he opened ONE eleven ltd. He had already run a successful home improvement company in San Diego for almost 20 years. This Las Vegas full design-build company holds licenses in Nevada and California. He studied architecture and design at The Denver Institute of Technology in Denver, and at the New School of Art & Architecture in San Diego, California.

With his formal training in architecture, Leverett handles the architectural designs on which his elegant remodeling projects are based. His designs are distinctive and take inspiration from modern art and architecture. Leverett also specializes in universal design, and for personal reasons; In 2005, he was involved in a motocross accident that left him almost paralyzed. He is adept at designing kitchens that accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

Price tags for remodels by ONE eleven ltd., are steep, often between $100k and $500k. The firm serves Henderson, Summerlin, The Lakes, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin South. Its BBB rating is A+.

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one eleven ltd vegas seven magazine

Minor Modifications

by Rob Kachelriess

Julie Leverett is in the business of remodeling and reconstructing homes to make sure they’re suitable for anyone to live in. 'Whether you’re young, you’re old, you have children, you’re a millennial with grandparents, you have Alzheimer’s or any type of ailment, the home will accommodate yourself along with friends and family who visit. There are no limitations."

Julie founded ONE eleven ltd. with her then boyfriend, now husband, Eddie Leverett Jr. a little more than a year ago. The pair are experts in not only adding features that help sick, handicapped or elderly people, but also doing it in a manner that retains the beauty and aesthetics of the home or small business.

Common upgrades include widening doorways for wheelchairs, redesigning showers for easy entry (without stepping over an edge), adjusting sink heights, modifying kitchen cabinets, creating accessibility for toilets and making doorknobs easier to grasp. Sometimes it’s important to paint a door and wall the same color to discourage a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia from gravitating toward contrasting colors and wandering off.

The couple first met in high school while taking ceramics summer school back in 1986. They went their separate ways, with Julie in Las Vegas and Eddie in San Diego, before reconnecting about 13 years later. With ONE eleven ltd, they provide more than a service. They offer compassion, education and understanding because they’ve personally experienced the frustrations and challenges connected with disabilities.

one eleven ltd best bathroom remodel las vegas

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Las Vegas


The multifaceted team at ONE eleven ltd. is the brainchild of Eddie Leverett, a custom home improvement contractor with licenses in both California and Nevada. Leverett ran a successful contracting firm in San Diego for 19 years before he relocated to Vegas in 2016. He received degrees in design and architecture from The Denver Institute of Technology and the New School of Art & Architecture in San Diego, California.

ONE eleven ltd. does architectural design and general contracting, with special focus on bathroom remodeling. All of Leverett’s designs reveal his unique creativity. Many bathroom remodel projects by Leverett show his expertise for universal design, which he developed after a motocross accident in 2005 left him almost paralyzed. The experience motivated him to explore new building techniques to help those who are physically challenged or wheelchair-bound. Some of his remodeling projects have cost up to $500k. ONE eleven ltd. handles projects throughout Henderson, Paradise, Summerlin, The Lakes, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin South. Its rating with the BBB is A+.

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Kitchen Goes From Quaint to Captivating



The owners of this Las Vegas-based kitchen wanted to infuse new life into their bland (by Las Vegas standards), outdated space. They also wanted to create a better flow that was conducive to entertaining guests.


Eddie Leverett Jr. of the Las Vegas design/build firm ONE eleven ltd. worked closely with the homeowners to design a sleek and modern kitchen for entertaining as well as provide additional storage, an unobtrusive power/docking station and a statement piece to anchor the room. In order to achieve this, Leverett Jr. completely removed everything in the kitchen so as to be able to start from scratch. He incorporated full-height, full-depth frameless SOLLiD Cabinetry in Aspen Oak, which not only provided more storage, but also created clean lines with a modern look. In place of wall cabinets, Leverett Jr. put in a frosted and glass mirror tile backsplash selected by the owners to serve as a focal point. The appliances were placed strategically for a more efficient layout. The extended counter space installed allowed for an undercounter beverage cooler, and the extended island created additional seating – perfect for entertaining purposes. To take full advantage of all available space, on one side of the island, a semi-custom canned food storage cabinet was installed while the other side was equipped with 15″ roll-out drawers; Rev-A-Shelf’s Lazy Susan helped facilitate easy corner storage. Initially, the undercounter lighting was not as low-profile as the homeowners would have liked, so Leverett Jr. instead incorporated LED strip lighting on the bottom side of the cabinet set in stainless steel channels, mimicking hardware. Finally, an inconspicuous docking station was placed in a corner cabinet, so that it could be hidden from view when not in use yet still be easily accessible.

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Designing for Dementia

At ONE eleven ltd. we pride ourselves in renovating Las Vegas homes with a purpose, encompassing all aspects of accessibility, which accommodate the ever-changing needs of individuals with physical limitations: Universal Design in Las Vegas

When remodeling/renovating a Las Vegas home, we intentionally incorporate trending essential medical elements in which radiate and encourage:

  • Style
  • Aesthetically pleasing elements
  • Equivalent safety features
  • Functional value
  • A positive mindset

Renovations for diversifying a home within the existing walls and exterior grounds can range from but are not limited to:

  • Intricate structural changes
  • Additions of room/rooms
  • Subtraction of room/rooms
  • Addition of an elevator
  • Bathroom restoration
  • Simple cosmetic fixes
  • Contrasting paint schemes
  • Update lighting elements
  • Overall spatial relations

At ONE eleven ltd. we strive to assure individuals and their families that staying in the comfort of their familiar home environment; in their familiar neighborhoods, encourages a sense of security and assures the connectedness with relatives and friends remain the heartbeat. Much of ones happiness emerges when given the choice to age-in-place in Las Vegas for the duration of their lives, seizing this opportunity and maintaining these vital relationships is essential to positive growth through the later years of life, nourishes independence, dignity and self-worth, steadily driving down solitude and loneliness.

The below information is proposed as a “think” platform, a catalyst for sparking creative home designs when assisting individuals and their families who are recognizing signs of Dementia and the like. The information is not intended for sole use and should be combined with other readings and research.

Significant considerations when designing a home in Las Vegas for someone with Dementia and/or the like:


  • Automated systems for safety
    • Monitor daily actions of seniors and track habits, if something is off from one day to the next it will send alerts
    • Automated lighting for travel down dark halls adds security and safety
  • Additional lighting in front door corridor
  • Contrast color for key element or add lighted key holes
  • Door alarms and buzzers
  • Lever door handles
  • Intercoms
  • Sturdy wood ramps, as opposed to noisy metal ones, those can be startling
  • Zero edge transition from inside/outside
  • Widened door jams
  • Contrasting the color of the front door inside and out will assist with easy recognition of entry and exit:
    • Do take into account the possibility of wandering, in this case painting the inside door the same color as the walls can aid in disguising the door as an exit point
  • Internal hard to maneuver locking systems


  • Emergency alert devises:
    • Gas
    • Water over flow
    • Fire
  • Daylight "light" bulbs and as much natural light as possible
  • Skylights can open up a space and boost additional daylight
  • Uniform lighting levels from room to room
  • Lighting preferences differ immensely; ask the individual what they prefer, keeping them involved in the design is a positive factor
  • Task lighting over a favorite sitting area for reading or working on projects
  • Ambient background lighting used for evening maneuvering
  • Be cautious, some intense lighting can cast shadows, which may be frightening
  • Have lighting control where it is easy to access, adjust effortlessly and quickly, automated is a plus
  • Keep the layout of the furniture familiar
  • Soften corners
  • Open spaces up a bit for ease of movement and to avoid tripping hazards
  • Add large windows and automated curtain feature
  • Contrasting switch plates
  • Avoid wall colors that may blend or wash out, such as muted purples, blues, greens and grays.
    • Keep in mind, the color in overall design should generate cheerfulness: maybe the individual’s personality and favorite color can be incorporated to promote a healthy mindset, this can be an aspect of the design process that the individual can participate in, their input is key.
  • Make all floor transitions distinguishable and easily recognizable
  • Use pictures, signs, labels, (whatever it takes) to specify rooms, drawers, cabinets etc. This may take several attempts and trial & error but is accomplishable
  • Contrast color for hand rails, avoid reflective surfaces, such as stainless steel
  • Single wall socket may be less confusing
  • Highlight/contrast changes in surfaces or steps: Avoid floor contrast from one room to another
    • Strive for uniformity
    • Avoid dark contrasting spots
    • The black creates the illusion of a hole
  • Unless you do not want someone walking in an area, example: paint a black area or add a black mat at the front door in order to detour someone from unknowingly walking outside.
  • Contrasting doors and walls for easy identification: On the flip side painting the interior exit doors the same color as the walls can assist in disguising the door as an exit point
  • Contrast furniture with floors and walls
  • Add large clocks in each room visible from many positions, analog/digital is of personal preference
  • Avoid the TV as a focal point of any room: Be cautious of the reflection cast when the TV is turned off, may be considered startling. Add a decorative cover when it is off or a tilt screen as a remedy
  • TV volume should be adjusted to low moderate levels, loud noises may be distracting and cause confusion
  • Avoid adding reflective materials/mirrors in areas where mirrors are not the norm: Mirrors should be limited to bathroom, be sure reflective surfaces can be covered when not in use
  • Contrasting washer/dryer easy control panel
  • INVITING outdoor spaces provide harmonious feelings, incorporating courtyards or backyard spaces with easy access from the home is advantageous


  • Easy to reach and read large format hot/cold indicators
  • Easy to reach large format on/off indicators
  • Microwave with big buttons and handles for opening
  • Automated cook timers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Kitchen cabinets with glass panels, for ease of seeing inside
  • Easy open cabinets with soft close hinges
  • Brightly colored contrasting knobs for drawers and cabinets
  • Under counter lighting: Keep sharp corners as visible as possible
  • Let natural light flow by adding a large format window
  • Remove complicated kitchen items
  • Add a sit down work station in the kitchen
  • Elderly remember traditional cooking equipment/utensils
  • Remove clutter
  • Touch faucets
  • Contrast the sink and the countertop color
  • Matte finish solid countertops, avoid ones with a glare:
    • The contrasting color is personal preference, this is another area to include the individual in his/her design choice
    • Lighter color countertops brighten the kitchen
  • Contrasting fridge
  • Contrasting dishes and silverware to the table or table cloth: The edge of the plate/dishes/silverware should be identifiable


  • Identifiable door for the bathroom: Lever door handles / Decorative door labels add peaceful décor elements and are a nice reminder / Contrasting door color
  • Risk potential in the bathroom is high; take extra consideration when designing for this space
  • Incorporating slip resistant flooring
  • There should be contrast where the floor and wall meet
  • Addition of adequate and plentiful, contrasting grab bars
  • Comfort height toilet
    • Contrasting color toilet seat
  • Toilet should contrast to the walls and the floor. It needs to be definitive and easily recognizable
  • Sink should contrast with the walls and the floor
    • Sinks/countertops should have rounded corners
    • Incorporate a sink area with plenty of counter space for putting down and picking up objects
  • Touch faucets
  • Zero edge slip resistant shower
    • Roll in/out shower chair
    • Simple to use features, no computer controls
    • Easy to recognize hot/cold and on/off buttons
    • Temperature control may be an added benefit
    • Removable shower head
    • Contrasting color, safe and sturdy seating area
    • Mirror
    • Design an easy fit cover for concealing the mirror when needed
  • Lighting and fan should not co mingle


  • Choose a quieter side of the home
  • Keep familiar layout and furniture
  • Lever door handle
  • Large windows
  • Automated curtains
    • A timer for opening and closing the curtains can be added, it is important to keep a routine for waking and going to sleep
  • Substantial lighting – keeping the internal clock on point:
    • Consider daylight
    • Consider dusk lighting
  • Night-lights
    • Automated lighting for travel down dark halls and nightly bathroom visits adds security and safety
  • Task lighting over bed for reading and projects
  • Contrast color where the floor and wall meet
  • Contrast color when it comes to the bedroom furniture and/or bedding
  • Glass on the closet door may help alleviate confusion of where the closet is located
    • Do keep in mind reflective value
  • Label drawers
  • Easy hand pulls on the drawers
  • Easy slide drawers

We hope these “Age-in-Place,” Las Vegas Universal Design tips will promote and facilitate independence and assist with ensuring that dignity and quality of life are at the forefront of your design.

by ~ Julie Leverett

age in place zero edge shower

Modify your home to accommodate your accessibility requirements; Live in your cherished home as you age-in-place.

The idea of living in the comfort of your own home for the duration of a lifetime is not an unrealistic dream. The memories and years of happiness you cherish are yours to keep.

What is aging in place? As stated by, aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice for as long as they are able, as they age.

The National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC) says: “more than 90 percent of older adults would prefer to “age in place” rather than move to senior housing. But the group acknowledges that a gap exists between their desire and the reality of the modifications their home may require.”

The possibility of acquiring these life-changing modifications is completely obtainable; it’s just a matter of finding the right licensed contractor, one who specializes in Age-in-Place home renovations, also termed as Universal Design.

There is a licensed, insured and bonded contractor right here in the Las Vegas area, ONE eleven ltd. is an innovative Design | Build | Remodel company who can transform your Las Vegas home into a wheelchair friendly, accessible living environment simply by incorporating Universal Design concepts.

Choosing to remodel your traditionally constructed home with stylish accessible features, adding functionality is not only possible, but also extremely cost effective. According to the’s living-at-home-vs.-assisted-living-cost-comparison article, the national average monthly assisted living expense can range from $6,700 to $7,500 per month, roughly $91,000 per year. When we compared this to a home remodel modestly ranging from $15,000- $75,000+ depending on the individual needs of the homeowner, the Age-in-Place concept is by far the better option for most.

ONE eleven ltd. is based in Las Vegas and Southern California and can assist with consulting, designing and building adaptable, serene spaces within the existing structure of your highly valued home incorporating all of the accessibility and safety features necessary for “age in place” living. “We use inventive techniques, blending stylish and functional accessible products into a Universal Design that proactively addresses the needs of the entire household, including care-givers and nursing personnel,” says Eddie Leverett Jr. founder of ONE eleven ltd. Compassion and security are at the forefront when planning ahead for future mobility, accessibility and safety. Modifying your home to fit your specifics needs is our way of assuring you of the fact that your physical limitations do not define you; ONE eleven ltd. is committed to RE-inventing independence, ONE hope, ONE home and ONE future at a time.

by ~ Julie Leverett

beware of the lowest bidder

Lowest Bidder

In keeping with the theme of the season’s ghoulish ways and tricks without treats, BEWARE of Ghosts & Goblins and the spooky lowest bidding contractor.

Once the all-important decision has been made to move forward with your home renovation there are many angles to gauge, such as budget, time allotment, the design etc. BUT the most critical, the step that rises above all others, the step that if one does not grant it the acknowledgement it deserves can mean the difference between abundant success or devastating disaster:


This is the person who posses the skill set, knowledge base and expertise that harmonizes well with the expectations and aspirations you envision in your home remodel project.



With a little research and diligence you can achieve the goal of finding a professional Contractor that meshes well with your values and ideals. Check with the local Las Vegas Better Business Bureau and NV State Contractors Board before calling anyone out to your home.


Please take the utmost care and consideration during the Contractor “interview process.” Take your time with this evaluation, paying particular attention to:

Professionalism: Did the contractor keep their appointment? Were they on time to their appointment? Did they offer you a business card and introduce themselves properly? Did they take their shoes off or offer to take their shoes off, in respect of your home? Were they dressed professionally?

PERSONALITY: Did they deliver a notable first impression? This may sound odd but you have to consider the fact that you will be inviting strangers into your home, you must have a good feeling about them otherwise it may make for an uncomfortable situation.

CREDENTIALS: Along with the BBB and State Contractors Board there are other ways engaged contractors can demonstrate credibility. A reputable contractor should be transparent, they should be able to produce quickly, easily and without hesitation/question; business licenses, their jurisdictional licenses, insurances, bond certificates, proof of past performance of similar projects, references, length of time they’ve been in business, their website etc. Side note: Some of the work will be sub’ contracted out to other companies, be sure these firms are reputable and hold the same merit.


Properly analyzing proposals from multiple Las Vegas contractors will assuredly set you up for success especially when preparing for a large-scale renovation. Most homeowners see one thing when reviewing bids, $$$ dollar signs and naturally, one tends to reach for the bid with the lowest dollar value, a tempting option for sure but this is generally when and where catastrophes transpire. Simply remember, weigh the risks, compare apples to apples and resist from stopping at price alone.


What does it mean to compare Apples to Apples? This essential element when determining the accuracy of a bid is comparing and contrasting the entire scope of work plus materials; one must level the playing field when measuring the proposals for exactness. A few areas for strong consideration when assessing the bids beyond prices are: Is the plan of action the same? Is the scope of work detail the same? Which materials are each of the Las Vegas contractors utilizing? How do they apply the materials? Are the project elements lined out in the order in which they will occur, eliminating confusion?


Once the bids have been collected, you may ask yourself, “How is one quote so much lower than the others?” The ideology here goes back to comparing Apples to Apples. Below is a list of why one Las Vegas Contractor may have captivating numbers:

  • The lowest bidder will surely be providing the cheapest products with no warranties
  • The lowest bidder will use materials not fit to hold up over long periods of time
  • The lowest bidder will cut corners and will not provide any recourse if their work proves faulty
  • The lowest bidder will generally have errors in their estimate
  • The lowest bidder will purposefully omit vital aspects of the job
  • The lowest bidder will present you with change orders mid-project for those omitted line items. Note: Change Orders are additional work not presented in the original scope of work. Change Orders equal: added expense, added time to the project and added stress.
  • The lowest bidder will capitalize on your unfamiliarity of the renovation process and products
  • The lowest bidder may not call for permits when permits are necessary
  • The lowest bidder hopes to “sell” the project with dollar signs $$ alone
  • The lowest bidder more times than not will not have proper insurances, licenses or bonds all of which are in place to protect the homeowner
  • The lowest bidder will have poor knowledge, craftsmanship and integrity
  • The lowest bidder will not respect your home or the people in your home

ONE eleven ltd. is a Las Vegas Universal Design Build Remodel Company that receives plenty of calls from homeowners that have been taken advantage of by irresponsible contractors and sees first hand “Why you should NEVER go with the lowest bidder” when it comes to your construction projects. We agree it is difficult at times to see beyond the $$$ dollar signs but in the case of your home renovation, take extreme caution. Auspiciously lean toward the Las Vegas Contractor with the responsible bid rather; this contractor will most likely not have lowest dollar value as their bottom line. The qualified, responsible bidder more times than not will have more line items listed in the proposal, they will have an organized detailed scope of work, they will foresee potential costs once walls are opened and exposed, this will be the contractor who willingly sits with you to explain all aspects of your project and be able to knowledgably walk you through the various stages of the renovation process from beginning to end. This bidder is not trying to be the lowest bidder, they are competitive in their estimating; they prides themselves in being true craftsmen with honesty and integrity paving the way.

by ~ Julie Leverett

chef kerry simon

#DETERMINED: make a difference

ONE eleven ltd. is a Las Vegas Universal Design Contractor; who attributes their unsurpassable inspiration and insight from Chef Kerry Simon. Kerry enlightened those around him; and it was with that genuine passion we made a commitment to spread these extraordinary life lessons. Kerry was a courageous, generous soul who always found a way to do more despite his debilitating illness Multiple System Atrophy. Spending time with him was intriguing, he honorably never gave in to his ailments, his optimism was contagious and his substantive ways of rising above and BEING the difference amongst his community, whether it were the Las Vegas community as a whole or his new MSA family, he was all in, heart and soul. Once Kerry’s illness progressed, confining him to his wheelchair fulltime, the challenges involved with daily life were inevitably significant. The stresses of maneuvering through slender doorways and up rickety ramps, not to mention the bathroom and bedroom accommodations were the focus of conversations, safety was of the utmost concern. These crucial realities are what originally led Kerry and his team to the planning and renovating of an aesthetically pleasing and functional living space fit for the humble Rock-n-Roll Chef, this was a design that complimented Kerry’s essential daily living activities utilizing Universal Design concepts; individualizing each of his medical necessities by incorporating sleek innovative products was pivotal when it came to overall design. This was a remodel that shifted spirits by not adhering to the medical norm. Now, waking up each day with renewed virtue by way of granting easy access in and around the home gave Kerry a new lease on life, MSA did not define Kerry in the least; his independence was reinvented. Regaining a dignified, independent lifestyle can be obtainable for many others sharing these same life experiences. ONE eleven ltd. will add ease in the transitional period for individuals, their families and caregivers, by compassionately consulting, thoroughly planning and confidently building functional living spaces utilizing innovative Universal Design concepts within the Las Vegas and Southern California areas. ~Julie Leverett

by ~ Julie Leverett

chef kerry simon


We’ve reached that time of year when gratitude fills the air as we hear the polite words “Thanksgiving” floating through the Las Vegas Valley.

What defines Thanksgiving?

~Thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God.

~Thanksgiving is a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.

Are you one of those people who like to watch the beloved home improvement shows? We, just as much as anyone enjoy them, they spark excitement and creativity for sure. But who has ideas on what you would do differently during some portions of the programs? Let’s take “Demo Day” for example: for reality TV this day comes with a smash and burn approach way of relinquishing frustrations and demolishing aggressions. In some cases this may be welcomed but in other instances substantial opportunities are lost, opportunities to give back the “Thanksgiving” like hope that strengthens the lives of the less fortunate as well as the opportunity to save space in our burdened landfills which lessens the impact of waste on our environment.

Las Vegas contractor ONE eleven ltd. embraces the spirit of Thanksgiving year round. The culture ONE eleven ltd. has enthusiastically adopted is to RE-invent independence one family at a time. When it comes to “Demo Day” we approach this special day by strategically replacing “one man’s trash,” re-inventing it as another “man’s treasure” in a fortuitous instance of humble kindness.

How truly simplistic are these measures you ask? Extremely, during the design phase the essential question, “What would you like to do with your salvageable items such as: cabinets, sinks, lighting etc?” The repeated answer is “Well, we haven’t really thought of what to do with them.” Our quick response is, “We can donate them if you’d like? Or we can repurpose elsewhere on your property, maybe your garage or laundry room perhaps?” And it is with this meaningful conversation that we diversify lives and shift spirits. We present an opportunity for individuals to engage in propelling good will, planting a seed of kindness that may otherwise have been overlooked. One finds great fervor and excitement when donating to other households, this is undeniably the healthy route taken for the sake of humanity and the environment both. Sadly, the TV shows are missing a beneficial juncture in which to enhance the viewers knowledge of the fact that there is retained value in repurposing such fixtures, cabinets, doors etc.

“We find that generally people do not even realize gifting these items is an option. Often times there are more than worthy tiles, fixtures, cabinets, etc. that can be used on other projects and/or donated to worthy causes. These items can usually be salvaged easily, with a little time and care amidst the demolition stage of the renovation process.” Says, Eddie Leverett Jr.

Las Vegas contractor ONE eleven ltd. envelops the opportunity to sprinkle gratitude throughout the Las Vegas community and wishes all a #HAPPYTHANKSGIVING2016

by ~ Julie Leverett